Welcome to BOA BUZZ Blog

We’re so excited to see you! Our first blog post is about…you guessed it!…the BOA BUZZ Blog. (By the way, BOA stands for Beauty Of Art.) Make-Up Girls® has taken coloring to a whole new high fashion level. It’s the world’s first fashion based arts and crafts activity where each of the 18 Make-Up Girls® models can be made to look a million different ways. It starts with unlimited free downloads of the black + white model coloring pages. (You can print the entire book or choose specific models.) This is when the magic happens. Using basic art supplies —crayons, colored chalk, coloring pencils, markers, paints, real or play make-up, crafts, stickers, fabric, ribbon and more — you’ll watch the models “come to life” and be amazed by the beautiful results. With Make-Up Girls®, anybody can be a hands-on artist! By creating one-of-a-kind looks for the models, you become a make-up artist, fashion and jewelry/accessory designer and stylist.

BOA BUZZ Blog will share fabulous ideas, cool art tips and other fashion fun. We’ll let us know where you can get awesome crafts at great prices! We’ll also make announcements about exciting new features at make-upgirls.com.